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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Glen Davis is George Costanza

During last night's broadcast of the Celtics-Bulls matchup, sideline reporter Greg Dickerson ( relayed the following story, which I've never heard before and felt that it must be recorded here for posterity's sake:
Glen Davis and Tyrus Thomas, they led LSU to a Final Four berth back in 2006, but their friendship goes long past that. They've been the closest of friends since they were eight years old. Thomas calls Davis, he says Davis' footwork is the best of any big man you will see. His footwork and his quickness out of this world ...

But, here's the best story he related to me. He said, back when they were 11 years old, the two of them and a friend of theirs went to McDonalds. Well, Tyrus Thomas got the wrong order from the server. Gave the order back to the server, they then put it in the trash. But it didn't stay in the trash too long, because ... yes, you guessed it, "Big Baby" grabbed it outta the trash and had a little extra lunch!

I confronted "Big Baby" with that story, he denied it at first ... but then he admitted to it, yes it did happen.
Now, when he took the food out of the garbage, did he tell his friends "it was above the rim, hovering like an angel" (

Hey, Davis simply didn't want to see food being wasted (his mother must have told him about all the starving children overseas who didn't have anything to eat) ... although, since we're talking about McDonald's here, someone behind the counter was probably gonna fish that stuff outta the trash and re-serve it anyway!

I'm lovin' it (!

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Doctor Dribbles said...

Amazing, but not surprising. When it comes to Big Baby, we're not exactly talking about Starvy McDiet.