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Monday, May 5, 2008

Bring on Lebron!

Okay, everyone take a deep breath ... Now that this sordid little business with the Hawks is over and done with - and that was quite the exclamation point the Celtics laid down on Atlanta ( to wrap up the series - we can all cleanse ourselves of any thoughts about "biggest upset in NBA playoff history" or "first-round chokers" and instead re-focus our energies upon the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Of course, while a 34-point ass-rompin' will certainly do wonders for any Celtics fans' confidence level, we won't do ourselves any favors by completing dismissing some glaring deficiencies which came up during those three road losses ... Namely, the Celtics have yet to win on the road in the postseason.

Let's be realistic, folks - the trepidation and downright confusion displayed by this ballclub in the face of a hostile arena (cheering on a marginal playoff team at best) is not a good sign for upcoming confrontations against the likes of Cleveland and their fans ... not to mention possible future encounters with the cacophony created by boisterious Detroit and Los Angeles fanatics.

On the other hand, I guess we can all take comfort in the fact that - since the C's earned homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs - these difficulties may not even play a factor in Boston's title aspirations ... Why, if my calculations are correct (that degree in mathematics sure comes in handy!), the Celts will simply have to go undefeated at the Garden to guarantee themselves a championship!

That's not asking too much, right guys? Right?

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Carolyn said...

Hostile arena? I have no idea what you're talking about . . . :)