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Monday, February 11, 2008

Air Coozies

I want a pair! I want a pair! (
Even Celtics legend Bob Cousy can't believe his luck in having the PF Flyers brand resurrected by the Boston-based shoemaker New Balance. The Hall-of-Famer recently signed to endorse the canvas kicks - as he did back in his playing days.

"At my tender age, I've learned that things come around," Cousy, who will be 80 this year, told us. "Maybe I can do for PF Flyers what my dear, now gone, friend Joe DiMaggio did for Mr. Coffee," he added with a chuckle.

The special edition Conveyor Bob Cousy shoes, which will be available at Bodega and Louis Boston, were unveiled at a party at Fred Segal in LA on Friday and were immediately the buzz of the fashion bloggerati. Not that Cousy is swayed by such chatter.

"If you ask me, I don't think they were all that pretty, in fact, they were kind of ugly," said Cousy, who's glad the new shoes are also available in green.

"Green? Anything but the black canvas. They were ugly."

We can't let a chat with the legendary point guard, who now broadcasts 10 Celtics games a year with fellow C's great Tom Heinsohn, go by without talking about this year's squad.

"When I played, the Celtics were the big deal in town," Cousy said. "As nice as it is to have another team do well, I'm glad to see Paul Pierce get the kind of support he needs. Pierce is a legitimate Hall of Fame candidate in his own right, and now he's gotten some help."

Any predictions?

"Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have worked hard in their own careers and never had a chance, here they will have a chance," Cousy said. "I know they will be in it at the end of the season and they will make it exciting."

As thrilling as having you're own shoe?

"Well, that's fun. Hey, they brought back Chuck Taylor's," Cousy said. "And he couldn't even pass behind his back."

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