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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marc Spears doesn't read comic books

Whilst browsing the Boston Globe website this morning, my eyes were drawn towards this excerpt from an article penned by one Marc Spears (
Garnett said he's looking forward to the added workload next week.

"That's fine. I'm with whatever the program calls for. At this point it's about getting better and getting healthier," he said. "I think Doc is worried about my wind a little bit. I told him I'm like [a] wolverine, I adjust quickly. They're trying to put the reins on me and I want to go, I want to go, I want to go a little bit. They just want to make sure that come playoff time I'm more than solid so everything's a precautionary mechanism."
Obviously, the brackets highlighted above signify Mr. Spears' belief that KG unintentionally left out an important article in that sentence, and was referring to your common everyday furry carnivorous mammal ( ... However, if this were the case, then Kevin's comparison fails to make much sense; I mean, since when have wolverines been known for their "quick adjustments"? I guess they're fast little suckers, but that's not really the same thing.

No, Mister Spears, I would conjecture that Kevin was instead talking about Wolverine (note the capitalization of the w to signify a proper name) and - more specifically - the Marvel hero's mutant healing factor (

I guess we can't really blame Marc for not being a comic-book geek ... Big dude like that was probably a jock in high school, ripping the comix out of little kids' hands before stuffing them into their lockers ;)

EDIT: Hey, you can also find this blog post on CelticsBlog (!

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